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NU ELECTRO VOL.4 IS NOW LIVE! 15 Brand New Tracks By The Most Iconic & Legendary Electro/Hip Hop Artists In The Universe: OVER ONE YEAR IN THE MAKING! NU ELECTRO VOL.4 IS A GENRE DEFINING MASTERPIECE! The greatest pioneers of the Electro/Hip Hop scence who dominated the clubs and the airwaves are back with brand new tracks specially produced for the Street Sounds Label. featuring today's Dons of Nu Electro on vol.4. Exclusive tracks or mixes by AUDIO SONIC CREW, THE FREAKAZOIDS, ANALOG KNIGHTZ, CYBERNET CITY SOLDIERS, MTD, DIAMONDBACK KID, BLACK ELECTRONICS, FLASHMASTER RAY feat. SIN2, UTILIZER AND YAMASAKI & MR SPIN feat. CRF.

'Empty Handed' by Yamasaki & Mr Spin feat CRF features on Nu Electro Vol. 4 StreetSounds/Universal
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